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Project Management
Halsey and Company provides on site project management services from new "greenfield" construction projects to existing buildings that require renovation.

Communication and coordination between the design group and construction team with the end-user is a crucial link in developing the success of a project. In many cases an end user does not have qualified personnel to control the design process, budget, schedule and supervise a project. In those cases, Halsey & Co. provides an experienced project manager or management team to perform effective on-site management functions.


Process / Facility Troubleshooting
Often a manufacturing problem stems from a facility that is not performing as desired. In many scenarios it makes sense to have a "third party" review the performance of the facility to determine if the systems are operating effectively. A third party evaluation offers an impartial perspective with the only goal of enhancing the productivity of the process. The objective is to target the problems and then to rectify them in a systematic format whether they be with the facility, process or both.


Process Development
Our process consulting enables us to provide cleanroom footprint design, process layout, process analysis, equipment selection, as well as utility matrix service. Overall equipment effectiveness is critical in today's market to achieve the highest possible yield. It is a must to have in place, proper workstation design, maintenance practices, and safety analysis in order to keep pace in the ever-changing high tech manufacturing industry.


Process Documentation
Whether on the manufacturing floor, in the administrative office or the loading dock, documenting the correct flow of product and information is essential. Halsey and Co. in conjunction with your staff will analyze the existing methodology of a department or interaction between departments in an effort to streamline, document and train those procedures, then produce Operations Manuals.

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